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  • Family Tree Wall Decals – a Photo Tree In Your Room

    It would be quite lucky if you have a family tree wall decal in your interior house. Vinyl wall decals are increasingly becoming more and more popular in recent years among people. Because of its easy installment, various designs and styles, being affordable and removable, vinyl wall art stickers have been widely applied among our families. Talking about vinyl wall stickers, most people would like to show their interest in the innovative wall decors by searching for them on the Internet. Actually there are many wall stickers online shops you can find all over the Internet. So these lovely wall decors are very easy to get.

    What is also easy is the installment of the vinyl wall stickers. Unlike the traditional wall decors, vinyl wall decors are so easy to apply. You just clean the wall and make sure there is no particles on the surface. Then peel off the back paper of the stickers and paste the sticker onto the wall. When you have finished the pasting, peel off the transfer film on the surface of the wall sticker and make sure there is no bubbles between the stickers and the wall. If you want to buy tree wall stickers from Australia,check the site offered.

    Home is the place where we are living with our families, having fun together, eat meals and sleep. So how to decorate it into a warm and sweet place is very very necessary. …

    June 24, 2015

  • How To Decorate Your Home To Protect The Environment

    Decorating in an environmental protect way is not only saving the costs, but a protection for the family’s health. So, I think we should propose it but reject wasting. Then, what should we do to realize decoration in environmental protect way? And what should we pay more attention?


    First of all, it is design in environmental protection.
    We should start from the interior design if we are aiming at the environmental protection. In this way, we should try to design the interior in a simple and practical way, try to use less artificial boards which materials contained much more formaldehyde. At the same time, we should try to use less core-boards to furnish and equip. And we should take interior ventilation into account.

    Secondly, it is choosing material.
    The right choice for the material is a crucial step. When we are going to choose, we should pick up some save and environmental protect material. We should strictly check when facing the interior paint since there are a large amount of formaldehyde in it. And we should know that if there is a label or symbol in green decorating or if there is an test report.


    Third one is construction.
    Since we want decorating in an environmental protect way, the process of construction mustn’t be neglected. When we are going to construct, we are supposed to try to use some auxiliary materials which are harmless, non-toxic, non-pollution. Moreover, We should look …

    May 28, 2015